There’s a lot to pack into an opening day and it would be remiss of us not to mention our Outstanding Volunteer recognition of Roger Sheppard. Over the years, Roger has been a team manager, served as League President and also in various other capacities. Most in and around D7 know him from his time spent on Frank Worley’s infamous grounds crew. Roger continues to offer his knowledge and time taking care of the fields at Doyle Street Park. Over the past 30 years he has given so much of his time to Toccoa Little League and we are forever grateful. Thank you Roger!



It’s finally here! Toccoa Little League will open the 2021 Season this Saturday, March 20.

Teams should meet downtown at the Whistle Stop Caboose from 9:30-9:45AM Saturday morning. We will have people there to get you lined up and ready to walk up Doyle Street to the park. The parade will start around 9:50 once everyone is in place. The Opening Day Ceremony will begin once all teams have made it into the park.

Games will begin promptly at 12:00PM on Fields 1,3 & 4. We will enjoy a full day of baseball and softball! It’s time to play ball!

After much discussion, due to limited field availability and very few practice opportunities because of wet weather, we have decided to move our Opening Day to Saturday, March 20. This decision was made in the best interest of our players and coaches to give them adequate time to get ready for the season. 









    Lost and Found

Please notify the webmaster (2kh2kh@truvista.net)

As is the case every season. We have many lost and found items which will be posted on the lost and found menu on this site. The loss of a glove can ruin a season for one of our young players. We strongly urge each player to put a name and phone number on precious possessions. Please check periodically and email and Andrew Lee if you have an item which has been lost or foound and it will be posted. Thanks for your help.


 We have a couple of items that have been turned in at the indoor cages. We have a glove and a cell phone. Glove photo below.

The phone is waterlogged and will not turn on. If you have lost a phone at the cages please send us a private message and describe the phone.

::::  UP DATE ::::

Want to say a big thank you for all your help support




 Toccoa Little League is now on facebook.


If there is any Little League or baseball related information that you have or would like to see on this site Please email me and let me know. 2kh2kh@truvista.net









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